They say all good things must come to an end – even that holiday you’d been looking forward to for months. And though we know it can’t last forever, nothing quite softens the blow of getting back to reality. Luckily, you’re not alone. Do you find yourself feeling down after returning from a holiday? It turns out, you’re not the only one. According to one study led by travel search engine Skyscanner Australia, one in five Aussie travellers experience ‘post-holiday blues’. Of them, a further 62 percent said they feel ‘sad or upset’ to return to everyday life. Others claimed to feel restless or tired after time off, rather than relaxed and refreshed (as holidays are thought to make us feel). When asked how they overcome these post-holiday feelings, some said they throw themselves into work while others turned to guilty pleasures like retail therapy and indulgent food or drinks. A massive 44 percent of those surveyed said they also planned another holiday to keep the holiday fun going. If a 2017 article by F.D. Bretones titled ‘Facing the post-holiday blues’ is anything to go by, the latter approach could be the most helpful. According to Bretones, the vague anxiety, increased irritability, feelings of nostalgia and sleep problems associated with the post-holiday blues can be suppressed by looking forward to a holiday. Bretones writes: “The importance of holiday and rest is well-known… Holidays give us the possibility of suppressing stressing activities, reducing our physical and intellectual activity as well as the usual social demands of our daily life, while facilitating our physical and, especially, our psychological recovery.” Sounds important, right? In a similar vein, life coach Shannah Kennedy said in an article for that it’s all about having something to look forward to – holiday or otherwise. Rather than living just for your next big holiday, plan exciting events throughout your weeks and months to keep you excited. This could mean picking up a new skill, joining or starting a social club or treating yourself to something you wouldn’t usually do. If you’ve been on a big trip doing lots of travelling and sightseeing, why not book in a staycation closer to home for some proper rest and relaxation? Just keep these helpful tips in mind to ease your return to work… 1. Allow two to three days after returning from your holiday before you go back to work 2. Get used to your working wake up time before your first day back 3. Keep to a sensible work schedule (don’t overdo it or do too much too soon) 4. Make time for social and leisure activities 5. Commit to physical wellbeing by doing light exercise and mindfulness practices.